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The establishment of a Hostel was first suggested by the Education Committee, which drafted the Government's Education policy early in 1927. By the end of the year, all plans were ready and a piece of land enough for the purpose had been mapped out and everything pointed to the fact it would be ready the following year. But it was not to be so. It took a longer time than anticipated to acquire the necessary land and it was therefore not until August 1928 that the foundations of the Hostel was laid, However. it was ready for occupation by January 1930. The Hostel was opened in January 1930 with thirty boys on the roll and Mr. M. Y. Shamsudin as the master in-charge; he had the difficult task of moving to and fro from his quarters to the Hostel at all hours of the day and night as the Hostel was built without provision for quarters for a married supervisor in residence.

Moreover, he had great difficulty in persuading the boys to realise the benefits of a closely regulated way of living. The Hostel was a novel idea and upcountry boys who had been used to the free and easy way of living in rented houses or rooms all on their own, found the Hostel regulations most irksome- As a result the big and the spacious building designed for more than fifty boys did not have more than thirty boys at any time in the first few years of its existence. As late as 1932, Mr. Young had to remark that the number of boarders were decreasing year by year "General Health and discipline were good", he remarked in his report. "The boys are a unit of considerable importance in the College". But few boys wished to become boarders. Many parents were still willing "to listen to the boy's plea for more freedom than they could get at the Hostel".

Messrs Ismail bin Ibrahim and Radzi bin Puteh, two bachelors who joined the school in 1933. took over from Mr. Shamsudin in July 1933. They lived in the rooms immediately above the porch and thus were able to have direct supervision over the boarders at all hours. By this time the influence of the Hostel was gradually being felt and that were more applications for admissions almost every month. By the end of the year there were fifty­four on the register with several more on the waiting list. By the middle of 1935, it was realised that and extension had to be made to the existing home. More boys have been admitted than the Hostel could possibly cope with. Several boys had to sleep in one of the classrooms while others occupied a shed, which was later pulled down to make way for the present pavilion.

Mr. Goodchild was appointed Supervisor of the Hostel on the completion of the extension in 1936. He was later succeeded by Mr. A. C. Prigge who remained at the post until the outbreak of war.

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