KPM finally made their final decision to reopen the school on 24th June 2020 after the situation is almost back to normal. (though it is not even close to normal). Here are some photos of how it looks like on the school reopening session during the new norms post Covid-19 pandemic.

Visit from JPN Kedah
JPN officer, En. Tajuddin Morad congratulates us for our effort to prepare ‘new norms’ learning environment according to the S.O.P given.
PdPc runs by a teacher. Following the procedures (S.O.P) set by the MKN & KPM
Online PdPc by Ustaz Jamal (Google Meet)
The male teacher staff room (F6)
Going back? COVID-19 does not recognize the victim. Even the teachers need to follow the strict S.O.P. (Line up to punch out). Don’t forget to keep your distance ya teacher.

Thank you teachers and the administration team for all the extra hours spent for the preparation before the school open especially during the long break holiday to ensure the safety of our beloved students.

Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid in Berita Awani yesterday.
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